A downloadable game for Windows

100 Floors is a game that was made for Weekly Game Jam #100. It's an action-platformer hack-and-slash where you must ascend 100 floors of a battle tower, slaying a variety of monsters. Along the way, gather sword upgrades and heart containers.


  • Z - Jump
  • X - Attack
  • Left and Right Arrow Keys - Move horizontally

Install instructions

  1. Download '100 Floors.zip'
  2. Open '100 Floors.zip'
  3. Open '100 Floors.exe'


100 Floors.zip 2 MB


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Awesome job -- I played through the whole game. The difficulty seemed just right.

It wasn't immediately clear that you could reflect the archers arrows, which caused me quite a bit of trouble on some levels. 

I feel like there's too many enemies where you just spam attack to continue knocking them back. The red squares/big red squares, ghosts, those fast squares, the frog things, etc. Could maybe use some enemies that can't be knocked back and you have to dodge their attacks. I really liked the archer reflect mechanic because it was a different way of killing them and felt really satisfying. I even managed to get two archers to kill each other.

I was wondering if anyone was going to attempt to do 100 levels, but you did it, and pretty well at that.


Hey, thanks so much for playing! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and that the difficulty felt right. I agree that I could've definitely toned down the spamming attacks.

As for learning that you can reflect arrows, the hallway was so small that you had to take damage if you didn't hit the arrow back. I hoped it would've caused the player to try and attack it, but I suppose that didn't work out. At least you ended up learning after all those archers I put in there :P.

My immediate reaction was to jump over the arrow -- I think it looked like there was just enough room to.