Go through 8 levels and try to get the quickest time possible, but it won't possible. Arrows, spikes, the obstacles are brutal - killing you in 1 hit. So you better learn to wall jump, dodge, and use every level's exploit(s) to your advantage!

Things you should know (despite controls):

  • Dying a bunch of times within a short time span can lead to crashes / freezing
  • Turning off blood makes the game run a lot better
  • This game is pretty hard
  • Blood is enabled at the start of the game, just click "Blood" on the menu to disable it


  • Arrow Keys to Move Horizontally
  • Space to Jump
  • Arrow Key Facing the Wall + Space to Wall-jump
Published Jan 19, 2017
StatusIn development
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, hard, rage

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