Welcome to Planet Chungai!

Before you can start killing those resources, you must first learn how to use your legs and your certified genuine Krangus Blaster™!

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space bar to shoot

After that, you must absorb the information of your mission and your reasoning!

  • You are here under the order of Jeff, your master, to collect the resources from his list, which is located in the top-left corner of your Chogus H.U.D.™
  • Shoot your Krangus Blaster™ at resources to make them explode into little chunks, and will have magnetic force to you assuming you're wearing your Changdor Belt™
  • The faster you complete your mission, the better your Shango Score™ is. You want your Shango Score™ to be as low as possible, as back at the office, when it reaches a certain point, you will be plunged into space using our Plongo Cannons™, so be sure to hustle!
  • Power ups for your boots and Krangus Blaster™ have been dispersed all over the planet, so make sure to grab those to get the job done faster!
  • And most of all, have fun and be happy! Because bears smell depression, and if you're sad, they'll come kill you. Which your equipment is more valuable than your life, so you better always have a smile spread across your face! Although, you won't find any bears on Planet Chungai.

Install instructions

  1. Locate Jeff-Craft.zip in your Downloads folder
  2. Open Jeff-Craft.zip
  3. Open Jeff-Craft.exe


Jeff-Craft Windows 18 MB


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